Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blast in Boston

I spent last week in Boston with Saydi and Jeff's kids while they went to London and I had so much fun! It love being with the grandkids sans the parents. It's just a different chemistry and did we ever brew up some exciting potions! I got to see where Charlie goes to school...

And I got to learn what a great big sister Hazel is! 

We had so much fun doing crafts and building towers...

And of course the leaves were spectacular! 

After a few days, who should show up on our doorstep but Grandfather! The kids and I were delighted to see him and we drove up to Newburyport and visited a wonderful cemetary (since we couldn't find Eva and Adam. It was a great chance to celebrate the birthday tradition with the darling Shumway kids!

Saydi and Jeff had a great time and we had a few hours to catch up on all the fun before we left at 5 a.m. the next morning for the airport. Thanks for making such terrific kids you guys!

You can not imagine what it took to get this post up! In fact you would laugh! I need Apple help!!!
I have more great pictures but they'll have to wait!


shawni said...

Great pictures, Mom, and good job with the Apple. I'll try to help from the phone if you want...

Eva said...

We called your cell and hm numbers from the beach today thinking of you as we watched the waves crash.