Friday, March 4, 2011

Loosli Happenings

It’s so great to finally have one of our families close enough to “hang out with”!  Since the Looslis moved to Ogden we’ve had so much fun with them!
A couple of weeks ago we went to the Rising Star Outreach fund raiser with Saren and Jared at the Jazz Practice facility. It was a so fun!  In addition to four of the Jazz players, Our friend Sean Bradley who has taken his family to the Rising Star School in India and is a huge fan (excuse the pun) was there. We also had our cute nephew Chris Carver with us. His brothers Pat and Tony were close by too.
Jared had Gordon Hayward sign Ashton’s First Prize winning Pinewood Derby car which was emblazoned with the Jazz insignia.
It was a fun night to remember! For more information and pictures from the Jazz Fund Raiser go to our Deseret News blog here.
Within a couple of days we were at the Looslis again celebrating Eliza’s eighth birthday. What a darling girl they have! A perfect daughter, especially since she’s the only girl! Here she is buried in wrapping paper left over from her spectacular birthday tea party with 12 adorable little girls (and one imposter since Isaac put on a wig and dressed like a girl in order to “sneak in”).
The twins are working on walking a new way with their braces on their feet and though they at first looked a little like Frankenstein and Egor (thanks Jonah) they are doing much better now and are starting to walk san tip toes. They are cute enough to eat and adore their grandfather!
Very sadly we are going to miss Eliza’s baptism. We’ve had a speech in Canada on the calendar for a year on the same day and there was no way to change either one.  We stopped yesterday on our way to Grandma’s in Logan with gifts and love and Eliza even put her baptism dress on for us so we could feel that we were part of it!
Saren has just done a new “Ancestor Wall”. How proud all these ancestors would be with Eliza’s decision to be baptized. She is quite an amazing young lady!

We love being around to be in the car on a Wednesday afternoon to run Eliza to activity days and to watch Jared and the boys working on their great new project…installing a basketball hoop in their back yard. Forgot to take a picture but it’s going to be terrific!
Ah the joys of having family living close…as well as far away.  We’ll be writing next from Canada where we have a speech as well as some meetings and hanging out with Rick’s brother who is a mission president in Toronto. From there we head to Boston where Saydi and Jeff are expecting a new baby any day! We’re looking forward to those connections to heaven!

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How on earth do the two of you travel so much and still do everything you do?!?! Amazing.