Monday, March 7, 2011

Viva la Canada!

This week we are in Canada! We had the great privilege of being with a wonderful group from Upper New York for their family weekend in Toronto. Despite the unrelenting rain and snow outside we had a lovely time with about 11 couples and 20 children. The older kids took care of the younger ones with one couple who hadn’t brought children supervised and we did our “Saving Your Child from the Entitlement Trap” seminar. Then the kids came in and we talked about the “Secret Animal Code” and taught them how to make some decisions in advance. Fun!

Their activities included a scavenger hunt through the wonderful Royal Ontario Museum which was right across the street.






We were in a beautiful part of town and loved being close to where Chris and Hedy have been for the past three years.


That night we went to dinner at “The Medieval Times” which was quite a fun experience. We were all given lovely crowns upon arrival and among other things watched people get “knighted” because of a special birthday by some very good actors. The kids loved it!



And we had a pretty good time too….especially because of the 30 fabulous horses!  We ate with our hands from pewter plates and mugs at an arena where we viewed a story from medieval times that included games, contests, tons of sword fights and even a jousting match. Pretty spectacular.  The Andelucians are the gorgeous white horses from Spain who were a wonder to watch.




A night to remember!

The next morning we made it just in time for church which was only about 25 blocks from our hotel. It was an amazing experience to see the chapel packed with people from all over the world. There were a handful of Canadians and Americans and the others were from Africa, Europe and so many darling families from Asia.

We’ll be writing next from “The Mission”. We will be meeting about 150 missionaries tomorrow. It’s been SO fun to catch up with Chris and Hedy and admire the unbelievably great work they are doing here. They have just less than four months before they buy a car and begin their journey home via their family reunion in North Carolina. Three cheers for these two great people!