Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kew Gardens

After spending most of our days in Ireland and Manchester either in the rain or the clouds, our days in London were simply spectacular!  Because it had rained the night before and the air was fresh and saturated with sunshine, we decided that we simply had to see Kew Gardens on such a splendorous day.

First things first however. We stopped at a lovely little bakery outside the train station that had delectable scones and clotted cream:


Wouldn’t you know it? The first thing we found in the garden was a new limb for the family picture! Think it would hold all 39 of us?  Maybe so! Let’s do it!


Right after that, Dad ran out of gas and laid down for a blissful nap while I covered as much ground as I could before we had to leave…in 45 minutes (somehow that phrase has a familiar ring Noah)!

It was simply gorgeous! There wasn’t anywhere you could look forever without seeing beauty!













In the end, my pizzazy partner had a great little “nappie” and I hope he looks at this blog soon to see what he missed!



Eli said...

Nice blogging Mom! Great photos too. You guys really took advantage of every minute on that trip! Thanks for sharing with us. That picture of dad asleep is classic. Love ya!

Deb said...

Hi my name is Deborah. I hope you don't mind my peeking in on your blog. I wander over here from Shawni's blog from time to time and love to look at all your pictures from all your traveling.

Actually I'm a little obsessed with your family these days. I've just finished reading a couple of your books and ordered a whole bunch more to read a couple of days ago. I love reading your books and Shawni's blog for my daily inspiration. I still can't quite figure out where you all get the energy to do all you do. You are amazing! I also downloaded the free "honesty" section on Alexander's amazing adventures and will definitely be purchasing the whole set. My kids loved listening to it.

I also just signed up to come to Time out for Women next month in Oklahoma City. Once I heard you and Shawni were going to be speaking I made sure to find the time and the money to go.

Thanks again to you and Richard for all of your parenting advice and inspiration. Parenting doesn't come quite so easy for me. If I can be half the parent you guys are than I'll consider myself a success.

Weaver Family said...


I dream to one day travel outside the US to Italy and seek out my ancestors homeland. After following your blog for a while now I'm starting to think there is much more out there than I realize. I don't think I could ever find the time to do all that you do and cover as much ground (literally). You are truly not wasting your time or your purposes here on this earth and you put the rest of us to shame! I am appreciative of your blog and that it allows us to travel the world with you.