Monday, April 18, 2011

A Power of Moms Retreat for Deliberate Mothers!

(Weird format. Long story…it’s the best I can do!)

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Women have volunteered to help from all over the country. Here is the powerful  and dynamic Power of Moms board:


Somehow we got 100 women into our “great room”.  What a great show of Mother Power!



Several sets of terrific mothers and daughters shared the day with us!



Richard and I did a little presenting too, with the help of our newest grandchild Peter James Shumway.



Here are our darling “presenter daughters” left to right: Saydi Shumway (Boston MA), Saren Loosli(Ogden UT) Happy Mom, Shawni Pothier (Gilbert AZ) and Charity Eyre (San Francisco, CA).  Could there be a more joyous experience than having all of your daughters to share such an amazing event?  Payday!




The 1st of May said...

Over the past year, after discovering Shawni's blog, I joined the valuesparenting website, I have been on an Eyre book binge and I also went to the Power of Mom's retreat in Myrtle Beach. The combination of these wonderful tools has been instrumental in my transformation of becoming a more patient and deliberate mom (and wife)!

I noticed in "I Didn't Plan to be a Witch" that you mentioned that Saren wanted to leave the "planning" chapter out because she thought it was boring. How wonderfully ironic that it is exactly that chapter that she is building POM's around! (It is so amazing how we change after becoming mothers!)

Thank you for all your family is doing. I truly believe that your family is leading a grassroots effort that is making the world a better mother at a time!

April Perry said...

Thanks so much, Linda! I simply adore you.