Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun Weekend

Shawni and I had so much fun for a day and a half in Oklahoma City this weekend where we spoke together at Time Out for Women. On Friday night there were delightful talks by Virginia Pearce, and Emily Watts and  we were electrified with the music of darling Macy Robison who has a spectacular voice and an accompanist to match…the multi-talented Whitney Johnson.  Together they touched the hearts of everyone in the audience as Macy sang and talked about her multitude of life-experiences. 
Luckily she brought her adorable new baby so Shawni got her “baby fix” although I’m not too sure the baby was too excited about it!


Macy was purely an inspiration and we are looking for ways to get her involved in some Power of Moms retreats.


Shawni was immediately recognized by a cute self-proclaimed 71 toes "blog stocker" and many other young moms who have been following her blog.


Hilary Weeks is absolutely a genius at capturing the hearts of women at all stages of life. In addition to clever ways to say things, she can sing the right words and play her incredible original compositions on the piano at the same time. How can that be? 
We also had the pleasure of hearing Michael Wilcox who has recently lost his wife and is always such an inspiration!

We have done almost every TOFW with the amazing woman below. This is Mariama Kallon who faced unspeakable terror at the hands of the rebels in Sierra Leone during the war. After seeing her parents killed and her sisters legs chopped off, she somehow escaped and found the Mormon religion which she says was her salvation.  She ended up as a missionary on Temple Square in Salt Lake City and has become a beacon of faith and hope for thousands.  Her contagious giggle mixed with her gripping stories of belief and strength propels us into a world of wonder whenever we hear her.

This was our first “Time Out” this year and they don’t do them in the summer. We look forward to honing our talk a little and being in Richmond, VA in September, Logan, UT in October and Phoenix, AZ in November. 

We regretted missing Wendy Ulrich and Mary Ellen Edmunds but I had told the event organizers that I had to be home in time to give a SS lesson at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning and Shawni needed to be home too so we dashed off to the airport early.
When we got there I realized that our flight was arriving in SL in time to get to our darling Eliza’s Dance Concert at Kingsbury Hall which I was feeling so sad to miss.
I arrived just as the curtain went up and was treated to a most elegant Virginia Tanner dance recital. Eliza was certainly the star amongst about 200 little children who each had their moment of fame with their own little dance troop. I was SO happy to be there…along with Grandfather and the Loosli clan.


Very honestly….Charity would have been as proud as Saren!  This girl has the moves!!! 

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lindsay eyre said...

You're going to Richmond! I'll have to find out when in September and see if I can drive up. Richmond's just a hop step and a jump from Raleigh.

You're all wonderful!