Thursday, May 19, 2011

The New and the Old

This week Christian James Spencer was born by C section and was lifted out into the world at a spanking 8 lb. 4 oz. He is absolutely adorable! How those Spencers manage to get those adorable little noses is beyond me.

Oops, sorry little guy. I didn't mean to use a flash!


It was a bit of a scary delivery with temporarily losing his heartbeat and then having to put him on oxygen for a while and then Lindsay feeling as though this might be the end for a fleeting moment. BUT everything turned out great and here he is!



Something else new is that one of the finest families in our ward, the McDonald family with six kids, are moving to a new location. We are so sad to lose them but just think of the lucky neighbors who get them next! My amazing visiting teaching companion Heidi Shipp and I along with her darling son Matthew were there on Monday to help them move.


Another new beginning is happening to Sara McConkie, a dear friend of Charity's from study abroad in Jerusalem and adventures in India who is getting married this weekend. An extraordinary bachelorette party was held at our house. It was a pretty awesome sendoff for one amazing young woman!

IMG_6431 Note

Note the 5th snow storm this week on May 19th!

You might think that 80 sounds old, but we attended a birthday party last night at the JSMB for one of the most amazing women who has ever walked the earth....and I mean she has walked almost every corner of the earth! The interesting thing was that she just didn't seem all!
Just to give you a little insight to her fame both within the church and worldwide, six apostles of our church came to the party and if you asked how many ambassadors of the countries of the world she has been well acquainted with the answer would be in the hundreds! What a privilege it was to have known her when we lived in D.C

Here is Beverly Campbell in the flesh! (I'm so glad about that name tag!)


Even for Beverly this is a new beginning. As Elder Ballard said in his tribute to her, "Welcome to the eighties!"

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