Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Never Know What a New Week Brings!

Last week I took a fun trip through the Church Museum of Art in Salt Lake City with three of my dear friends, one of whom, Bobbi Snow, is a docent there. The quilt exhibit there right now is breathtaking and the fabulous art of LaConte Stewart is a feast for the eyes!





Then it was off to Time Out for Women. I met Shawni and the rest of the fun people we were presenting with in Richmond, VA where we had a stellar experience rejoicing in the gospel!



Our darling friends who moved to Southern Virginia University a couple of years ago, Annelle Doxey and her daughter Rachel Hall were our guests. It was so fun to see them again. The “Virginia Mother of the Year” (center) also joined us!


Shawni was mobbed with friends from her old ward in Fairfax, Virginia and her fans from her blog ( 

IMG_7961 We loved being back in historic Richmond where we had visited once before on our annual MFME (Mothers and Future Mothers of Eyrealm) trip. 

Dad/Rick and I “passed in the morning.” He gave me a quick hug at the airport before he dashed off to catch a plane 3 gates down to NYC where he did a show on The Entitlement Trap with Glenn Beck. They called on Friday to have him do a show on Monday and it aired on Wednesday. If you’d like to see an 8 minute clip from the 20 minute interview click HERE.

Included this week also was a great movie that we would highly recommend: We had read the book and thought the movie was even better!  That was squeezed in amongst the World Series. First things first!

On my way back from SL to Park City the other night at about 9:30, just as I rounded the corner by the mailbox hut, I was startled to see two “teen-aged” moose enjoying munching on the leaves of a large bush. I was about six feet away from them, rolled my window down, took several flash pictures (couldn’t think of how to put my camera on the nighttime setting for anything…sorry Eli, but you’ll get idea) and even talked to them for a while but they just ignored me and happily ate away!


The other one was around the bush to the left.


I was genuinely excited to meet them! What a lot of fun a week brings!

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