Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fun Birthday Tradition

When you start a tradition watch out….if it catches on…it may last for generations!  Dad/Rick’s birthday is one of our best. Jumping in the leaves! This year it was especially fun to be with a bunch of little kids and even better because those little kids were our extraordinary grandchildren!

We are so glad that the Looslis moved to Ogden! Since Charity left, we’ve been pretty void of kids on Dad’s birthday until they joined us in our neck of the woods!  A week ago last Sunday I got to see the annual….no matter where you live… Primary Program! And this year we even got to celebrate Dad/Rick’s birthday with the leaf-jumping ceremony in the pretty park about a block from where the Loosli’s live!

This year the kids (and their dad) had to scrounge a little for leaves and even pull a few down from the trees since they haven’t quite fallen off yet, so it turned into a jumping-over-Grandfather-almost-buried-in-the-leaves party. Here’s what I mean:




Isaac getting a run at it, Ashton thinking about it and Eliza dreaming about it:


And Ashton…carefully stepping over…though he would have like to have stepped on…





Then the leaves started to fly:



And a grand time was had by all!






While Ma and Pa looked on:


Blowing out the candles on the traditional Grandma Ruthie’s rendition of Boston Cream Pie or what was left of it after it traveled from SL to OG with that slippery pudding in between is always an event:


The cake was followed by the pumpkin carving and the handmade gift cards from the kids which was SO fun!



One of my gifts this year was a beautiful painting called Autumn Reflections which had been displayed at the gorgeous Eccles House/Museum with is about 4 doors down on Saren’s street.  It reminded me of dad!



Then off we went to the the best shushi place in Utah just a few blocks from Loosli’s house for Dad’s favorite birthday meal.


The finale’ was hearing the King Singers at Symphony Hall with Saren and Jared. What a birthday!

Halloween was pretty uneventful besides a doctor’s appointment (I’m doing much better and we were glad that she wasn’t wearing a Dracula costume as she gave me a shot) and some really cute neighborhood kids knocking at our door.

Ah, now that it’s November, it’s snowing like crazy outside this morning. We went back to beautiful fall for a couple of weeks after our last snow storm and now I’m bracing for the inevitable eight months of winter!  Luckily we’re going to St. George in a couple of weeks to thaw out. I have to keep reminding myself of how much I love the seasons….it’s just that some are longer than others! 

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Weaver Family said...

Never a dull moment in the Eyre family! Happy Birthday Rick! It looks like you've had a fun month.