Saturday, September 11, 2010

McKay’s Day!

How lucky are we that we got to be in NYC to see McKay skip off to his first day of school at Public School #151!

He was pretty worried about having a red lunch “box” to put in his red backpack because he thought it might get camouflaged!


2010-09-08 NYC, McKay 3873

2010-09-08 NYC, McKay 3875

Despite how Lyla looks at this very moment, the whole family was soooo excited!

Grandfather…giving last minute instructions while proud Daddy records every step on camera:

2010-09-08 NYC, McKay 3876


2010-09-08 NYC, McKay 3877

Not many dads can pick up an apple for the lunchbox (or the teacher?) from a street vendor on the 3 block walk to school! 

We were here with the McKay and Lyla in May while Noah and Kristi went to Paris to meet Tal and Anita with the baby. While walking down the street with McKay that weekend we saw a family we knew who knew McKay as well. The mom leaned over and said, “McKay, are you starting  kindergarten this year?” and McKay replied with confidence, “Yes, but I already know everything!”

You can see that confidence in his face!  Does he look ready or what? 


2010-09-08 NYC, McKay 3879


The whole school is stuffed with just kindergarteners and 1st graders so there are a lot of pre-schoolers and babies involved too! 


2010-09-08 NYC, McKay 3887


2010-09-08 NYC, McKay 3890

What a great story for McKay to tell his kids…that he started school on the upper east side of Manhattan on September 8th, 2010…even if he did already know everything!  

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