Monday, November 14, 2011

Extraordinary FHE!

We miss not having our kids around for those raucous Family Meetings! With kids spread all over the country with their families it seemed impossible to get everyone together on the same night any time soon!  BUT with a new program on Google + we just have to say…”Bless the Internet”…and Josh who somehow knows how to do every new thing on the Internet and Eli who set it up for us!  Although Josh, the Pothiers and I were all at the same house, six other screens popped up in three different time zones to include everybody in the family (with the exception of Charity who was working and on the phone listening in part time).
With Jonah and Aja having just moved to Hawaii and with some of the cousins not having seen each other since July, it was general jubilation when we all saw each other on the screen. The pregnant moms (due the same week in December) did a cyber tummy bump, kids did talents, everyone made pertinent announcements and we had a tour of Jonah and Aja’s new rental house. Actually a grand time was had by all!  The reception wasn’t stellar but here are a few shots of what we saw from Arizona:
Family in Boston
Family in DC
Family in San Diego
Family in Ogden

Family in Hawaii

Oops, they moved too fast to get the tummy bump. This is the only shot I got from our family in NY!

So sorry to miss seeing Charity, but so goes the work world!  We lOVE you Charity!
Dad and I were over the moon! It was wild and chaotic because every time someone talked, the screen would change to their family but if was fun and funny! And once a month….this is heaven!

After all that the Pothiers had their own little FHE activity with the creation of the annual Thanksgiving Tree.  Are they Thankful enough or what?
During this season of gratitude, I’m so grateful for our incredible families spread all over creation and all the good their are doing in their own homes with their own families.  Prayers are answered!


Shawni said...

That was SO fun to have you here for FHE. Love you mother dear.

Josh said...

Glad my Google+ idea worked so well! That was fun!