Thursday, October 22, 2009

Iraqi Women and Visiting Teaching


For more info on the fun we had last night with our wonderful new friends from iraq, go to  We had a great time with eight high-ranking, well-educated women from Iraq who are making incredible strides in instituting the Visiting Teaching program in Iraq.  They have realized that the best thing they can do for the future of Iraq is help one family at a time in their neighborhoods.  They are in Utah to learn how to conduct family home evenings and how to teach their children the opposite of hate and revenge. They are very smart and know that education about peace, love and family values are the things that will really make a difference!


It was fun to have Saren and Jared here. They were on their way to Jared’s brother Brian’s daughter’s wedding in Logan this morning.  Saren gave them some great advice and Jared kept the security guys happy (front and center)


Two of these guys were armed. It was so sad to hear that these women are constantly under guard. One of them, whose husband may some day be the prime minister said that she can’t drive by herself because she and her husband need armed guards at all times. She had a son-in-law who was tortured and killed in the violence. The picture above includes those women in the Utah delegation who have been working with these Iraqis for several years. Bless these dear women! 

Are these kids cute enough as they left for the wedding festivities this morning?



I like the kid on the right too!  Can you believe that he’s about to have the “BIG Birthday” next Wednesday? 

Even as we learned about the great “visiting teaching” program these women have instituted in Iraq, I got the opportunity to be with the good women I visit teach this morning for a fun brunch!  Saydi will recognize her dear friend Lindsay Welch Hola who is pregnant with her fourth baby! 


How lucky am I to teach with Heidi Shipp (left) as we visit Karina, Marsha and Lindsay. They are all outstanding women! 

Dad just took a huge truckload of “stuff” to the lake from the move and I am about to organize the garage…at last. We’re plugging along on the moving process. Soon the end will be in sight…here.  Kolob and Bear Lake still in process!  


Diane... said...

good for you guys in your constant efforts to improve life around the world...a couple of years ago I read about women in Iraq who were very interested in our RS so I guess this it in progress...hopefully they can peacefully move foreward.."one family at a time" and HAPPY BIG ONE to your "kid"

Jonah and Aja said...

wow you! that is so great that you got together with some of the women of iraq. they can take the message of peace back with them.

shawni said...

I love that you got to be with those wonderful women. I bet you learned so much!