Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cuts for Cami

Yesterday I was privileged to be with the Carver family for a truly blessed event!  It was called “Cuts for Cami” which was a great idea from one of the Carver’s friends.
Little Cami Carver was diagnosed with leukemia on July 10th and has been undergoing intensive chemo and steroid treatments to beat that horrible disease every day since.  She is absolutely adorable and has been through more in the past month than most of us do in a lifetime.
When her hair started falling out in chunks a dear family friend got a great idea!  Make a party out of the day they shaved her head.  They somehow located 12 superb hairdressers in the area who donated their time for five hours for people who wanted haircuts and wanted to donate to Cami’s cause. They gathered at Natalie and Jessica’s dance studio in North Salt Lake and anyone who wanted a haircut could come and donate whatever they wanted. Everyone contacted their friends and they put it on facebook and about 300 people showed up! 
About midway through the afternoon Cami shaved her dad’s head with electric clippers and then he shaved hers! Her comment was, “Who needs hair anyway?”  What a sweet kid!  Kids were getting buzzes everywhere and darling Cami was changing hats about every 10 minutes amongst her new supply that people were giving her!
She has been suffering with steroid treatments for the past couple of weeks and that little tiny girl gained about 12-15 pounds.She was angry and listless and couldn’t even walk for a while. Thankfully when she went off the steriods she became herself again and has already lost about seven pounds. The doctors say that she will eventually lose more weight than she gained. 
Cami was dancing to the music most of the time I was there and it seemed to be the greatest day of her life so far!  What an idea!  Congrats to Natalie (Tony’s wife) who rounded up so much help and once again every member of the Carver family who were all there helping…as usual. 
Bruce must be leading the charge of guardian angels from the other side!
She went from this:

To this…in just over a month!
2010-08-14 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3766

2010-08-14 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3765
With her “other grandma” Chelsea’s mom:
2010-08-14 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3767
If you want to cry a little, read the wonderful article that came out in the Deseret News today about this inspiring day for Cami click here
If you want to keep up on her progress go to 
Ah…our trials, when mixed with love, bring such treaures! 

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richard said...

that is a brave and cute little pizazzy kid, and she will recover quickly!