Sunday, August 15, 2010

Viva la Mexico!

After scrambling for a couple of days to catch up on being gone all of July we packed our bags again and headed out for an event in Mexico!  We were privileged to meet at an incredible place called The Hacienda resort in Cabo san Lucas.  One of the members of the group we were speaking to had bought two condos in this luxury resort, thinking that they would sell the second one to pay for the first one, but since it hadn’t yet sold, we had the privilege of staying there.


2010-08-11 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3756

2010-08-11 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3759

2010-08-11 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3758


Actually I have to admit that we were ready for a rest!  So we rested for a few hours and then started work in these restful cushions on our balcony on the new book which was due on a desk at Deseret Book in five days.

2010-08-10 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3741

The signature rocks of Cabo san Lucas were right out our window…

2010-08-11 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3762

..until one afternoon when this showed up and completely filled our picutre window!


2010-08-10 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3738


Now I wish i knew how to do those collages that our kids are so great at but so as not to bore you or give you pangs of jealously, I’ll give up on the photos.

I do have to say that we had a wonderful time with seven men and two women from Texas who were truly remarkable people. 

One was Nolan Ryan’s son (one of the greatest baseball pitchers of all time for those of you who are as dumb as I am about baseball).  The front page of the sports in USA on my way down there was all about the big sale that was going on in the baseball world having to do with Nolan Ryan.

Two of the dads had kids with cerebral palsy and one had spent two hundred days in the hospital with his little twelve year old daughter with leukemia last year, only to have her slip into the next world on December 13th.

One dad was sleep deprived with a four year old and premature twins and a father critically ill in the hospital.  Having just given a talk on mourning in church the day before I came I once agin that mourning about you do have or what you don’t have is a universal experience.  It was an eye-opening, great learning experience for us! 

What a great group this was!

2010-08-11 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3755


We ate guacamole and chips and salsa and chips and fish tacos until, after four days, we were ready to try a steak!  How lucky are we??? It was a dream vacation with only two morning workshops to do and some precious time to  almost finish the book!

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Jonah and Aja said...

amazing mom! to reference saydis blog you have no faded glory...only vibrant radiant everlasting glory. i am so glad you are my mom.