Sunday, August 15, 2010

Like Greased Lightning

Life is happening faster than we can keep up with it! 

While Saydi and Charity along with Charlie and Emmeline traveled to Rexburg to be with Saren on her 40th (yes you saw that right…40th…we can hardly believe it) birthday and be with her in her education week classes at BYU Idaho, the rest of us and with the help of a cleaning crew got things cleaned, moved out, organized and ready for renters on July 30th! 

The next morning Charity and I took off for Salt Lake for the ward wedding shower for our darling Jane Boyer who has been bosom buddies with Charity ever since they were born! 

2010-07-31 24th,treasure boxes,45 reunion, home 3683

Jane is like one of our kids and her family is one of our great treasures!  What a whirlwind those 24 years have been! 

Next it was on to the wedding of Eddy Bacigalupi (Trina’s son) who served in Iraq after he returned from his mission in the Philippines and then returned to the Philippines to capture this adorable girl(who is returned missionary who served in Hawaii) and ask her to be his wife! 

2010-07-31 24th,treasure boxes,45 reunion, home 3688 

It was a happy day and a fun reunion!

2010-07-31 24th,treasure boxes,45 reunion, home 3691

Darling Francis and her husband and baby were there as well as Maxine and her cute husband and baby.

2010-07-31 24th,treasure boxes,45 reunion, home 3694

although Maxine’s husband and baby weren’t in sight when I took this picture, how can it be that these little girls are all grown up with babies of their own?

2010-07-31 24th,treasure boxes,45 reunion, home 3693

Trina and her husband Mike have just moved to Park City!  How crazy is that???

2010-07-31 24th,treasure boxes,45 reunion, home 3695

At Baliwood Noah and four of his former missionary companions and their families and his mission president and their families were enjoying Park City for a few days. I can’t believe I didn’t get one picture!

We had such fun time with Shawni and Lucy before they flew back (Dave took the other four and drove back) as well as Charity and Tal and Anita who dressed up especially for Swiss National Day on August 1st!


2010-08-01 24th,treasure boxes,45 reunion, home 3696

The scenery on the deck was almost as good as it is in Switzerland and the sunsets aren’t bad here either!


2010-08-01 24th,treasure boxes,45 reunion, home 3705

On Monday morning, August 2nd Noah and Kristi and fam and Talmadge took off for NYC. Shawni and Lucy flew off to Phoenix and Charity and Anita drove off in Charity’s car. Charity was over the moon about her new adventure and we are so grateful to Anita for driving out with her since it had been her plan to go to CA anyway to visit good friends. 

For a combination of reasons Saydi’s flight wasn’t scheduled unit August 5th so we soaked that Shumway family in for a few days packed with good food (thanks to Saydi) and fun!

I took Hazel and Charlie to the “jumpin’ houses” while Emmeline slept…

2010-08-04 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3713


We also went to the zoo and saw the new baby elephant…

2010-08-04 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3723

And they loved the “Big Cats”

2010-08-04 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3727


and of course the Merry Go Round…

2010-08-04 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3734

Sometimes it’s great to have just one family at a time to dote on and to enjoy this good place with…

2010-08-01 24th,treasure boxes,45 reunion, home 3700


As always the kids found creative places to sleep. Under the piano on the sheepskin rugs hadn’t been thought of previously!


2010-08-02 24th,treasure boxes,45 reunion, home 3709


Saydi even got a chance to have a few of her dearest high school friends over for dinner. Amanda Boyer on the left is a mother of six and had just left her baby for the first time with her husband who is a bishop.

 2010-08-04 Shumways, Mexico, Cami 3735


On August 5th the summer reunion officially ended as Saydi flew off with those three kids facing two change of planes and Emmeline who had just hit a screaming stage. As it turned out, it was even worse than we had feared as there was a lighting storm (speaking of lightning) at their last stop and they had to sit on the plane for over two hours to make sure they weren’t going to get struck by lightning as one of the planes near them had on its descent.

BUT all’s well that ends well.  And everyone has arrived home intact including Josh from Ethiopia and all are on to their next adventures. 

What a summer!  What a blessing it is that we can get this many kids for this long to love and bond with!  Now that it’s all over it seems like a dream…which comes next….

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