Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Motherhood is BIG!

As always, this was a big week with Motherhood taking the headlines!  It was so fun to have the Looslis here for the weekend and feel their excitement at being with Grandfather and the horses and eating cereal and pumpkin cookies. They are pretty much excited about everything...including the move to a new house in Ogden. They are working on the details. 

Ashton is amazing!  He hooked up the new printer that Jared installed last week to my computer in a blink.  We saw the new owl movie with them which had amazing animation but was pretty much owls fighting for an hour and a half. I was half an hour late so Ashton can give you the story line and message if you need it! During the movie Eliza's tooth fell out which we were all excited about!  The tooth fairy couldn't find us the first night but showed up the second night with splendor!

One of the great things this weekend was having the Power of Moms Advisory Board meeting here on Saturday morning. The day before April flew in to join Saren who spoke that day at a conference for women called Touchpoint.  It was for women who run businesses online. It was created by a friend who served just after Saren did in Bulgaria.  So we had a wonderful houseful on Friday night with the Looslis, April and Kelly, the conference organizer. 

It was a delight to have Neylan, Whitney, Allyson and Kathy as well as Jared and Dad join us the next morning for this very important advisory board meeting where we heard about all the exciting things that Power of Moms is doing.  Board members offered great ideas and it was an inspiring meeting! 

We are so proud of all the hard work that Saren and April have done on this!  It is so important to give moms the help they need to raise the next generation. It's going to go BIG! 


Sees-the-day said...

How exciting is this!!!LOVE seeing pictures from your beautiful HOUSE.WOW. xoxo,

April Perry said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and for being such caring mentors to me and Saren.

We feel so blessed to have this talented Advisory Board helping us direct The Power of Moms.

These past few days, I've been juggling "mom duties" like crazy, but in the midst of the chaos, I think, "Linda did this, too! I can make it."

Love to your family!

eyre blog said...

Amen to April's comment. you are a HUGE inspiration.