Sunday, October 17, 2010

From a Crazy Computer Change to Crazy Hair

I haven't posted for a while because my cute little travel computer crashed. Now I have to make the transition to my lovely Apple, which is beautiful but it's like learning a foreign language all over again to make it work. So much to learn. So little time!

But onward and upward. Although I still don't know how to make the pictures and font bigger, I've learned enough to get by before I forget all these memories and until I get back to my next class down at Gateway.

Dad and I had a lot of fun at the Senior Games in St. George, an annual event for the past 17 years. This year dad went over to track events to compete and without properly warming up (which was a big mistake since he hasn't done the broad jump or triple jump since last year) he pulled a muscle in his calf which was too bad because it hampered his abilities with tennis as well.  Still, he won the bronze in singles and lost in a tie breaker for doubles for the bronze. His doubles partner however won the gold in his division (he's younger than dad) so after coming back from a serious back injury, he was elated!

We spent a couple of days at Kolob watching conference and enjoying the beautiful fall weather there. We tromped around the property and dad had fun riding Duffy around the field. Lady has thrown a shoe.
One of the things I love most about fall is the golden grass which is in abundance on the property!

In St. George we loved being with Oliver, Silas and Eliza for a couple of days while Saren took the older kids and had a little fun in Las Vegas.  They stayed at "The Pyramid" and saw my personal favorite show,"KA". They loved it.

They got home just in time for crazy hair day at school. The kids were prize winners!

We also were lucky enough to get there in time to see the reflections program.  I couldn't catch up with Isaac but here are Liza and Ashton with their prizes in literature and Oliver and Silas with their art masterpieces.

 The Loosli family are in the throes of deciding on a house in Ogden but wherever they end up they are going to dearly miss this unrestricted view of the gorgeous red rock mountains that flank their home!

We came home and went straight to Logan to be inducted into the Old Main Society. We're started a class on Family/Work Balance at USU so they asked us to join. It was fun to see a lot of old friends!  That night there was an amazing concert at the Fine Arts Auditorium with the combined chorus and orchestra directed by Craig Jessop, the former conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was a tribute to Mac Wilberg who is an amazing genius who has added more to the world of music than any of us will every realize. It was a stunning 2 1/2 hours of pure joy!

I helped Grandma organize her closet and we found the cute outfit that we gave her last Christmas, still unworn so we left with her as cute as a bug. She enjoyed the concert immensely. Her life is hard. Growing old is the pits!

 We got home just in time to see Shawni and Dave and their kids at the airport for a few minutes before they took off for Disney World and the Disney Cruise. They had a three hour layover in Salt Lake. The thing everybody was most excited about was showing Lucy the Princesses!  We had such a fun time with this adorable family which we haven't seen since August!

With three days to catch up, I'm headed for Boston to take care of the Shumway kids while Jeff and Saydi explore London.  FUN for all!


Josh said...

What do you mean your computer crashed?

eyre blog said...

thanks for the updates.

Theo said...

It always amazes me how much you two can fit into a day, a week, and a month! Have you given up sleep? Your blog is always fun to read.

brittanimae said...

Whoops, sorry--that last comment was from me, Brittani. Although I'm sure Theo would agree with me!